by Corre Diablo

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released April 26, 2017

Corre Diablo is:

Drums | Eli Willis
Bass & Vocal | Brandon Michel
Vocal & Guitar | Xavier Delgado



all rights reserved


Corre Diablo San Diego, California

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Track Name: Mother Tongue
Are the wolves
Upon the porch
Or were they bred inside?

Do they speak
Your mother tongue?
Do they stare your clouded eyes?

There is no Kingdom Come
No song left to be raised
No color in your voice
No splendor on the page
But I heard it in your stories
I heard you kept a flame
When you were on the run
When you were not afraid

Were you not once me?

Take our lungs
Or take the will of the martyr
Placed on your fathers' tongues
You kept it silencing faster
The longing for purer blood
Love on your lips
Lust on your breath
(Still holding back)

Once me,
Who believed?
Well I'm not dwelling on factors
Held only hereafter we leave
Who believed
Breaking silence far after
The impossible actors
Only detracted
A faith in brothers deceased
(Don't hold me back)
Track Name: Concede
I am sanctified
I am wasted life
I am all you've ever wanted to be

I am endless time
I am on your side
I know all you ever wanted to see

Don't let me cross your mind
Don't let me know I'm right

After all, what’s left to be
Of the vacant and the free?

Slaughtered for a hide
Elevated high
Saved for all the moments that you need

Durable but wild
No concerns, I’m fine
Hold me up ’cause I can barely breathe

Drown my past behind
’Til it’s left on high

Break me down and wipe me clean
Forget all at once, concede